How to Clean a Car Windshield

Keeping your car windshield clean is extremely important for visibility and road safety. It’s a task that’s relatively easy to do, but most of us are guilty of only cleaning our car windshield once an unreasonable amount of grime, road dirt, and bug guts has accumulated on it. If your car windshield is in need […]

Improve the Appearance of Your Vehicle

Improve Appearance of Vehicle

Interestingly many people are nowadays on the lookout for second hand but well maintained cars. One of the obvious reasons is the ever increasing inflation and of course the financial crunch faced at large by consumers around the World. Even…

Vehicle Safety is #1!

Vehicle Safety First

The windshield of a car is one of the most important safety devices for the passengers. So, just like a vehicle is equipped with airbags, that act as shock absorbers in the case of a collision and seat belts that…