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Apr 2021
Windshield replacement is getting more complex
With modern vehicles featuring advanced technologies, fixing a broken windshield is no longer a simple operation that any technician can perform. According to an estimate, A 2021Roland Berger study shows that ADAS is set to be a common feature in almost all new vehicles sold in 2025 in the developed world. Windshields have cameras, modules, and sensors built into them that have to be carefully calibrated to ensure proper functioning. This enables the car to assess its surroundings and optimize the safety features in the car such as lane departure warning, brake, and park assist. Relying on a specialized windshield replacement and repair expert, such as GZone Auto Glass, is the best way to optimize your vehicle’s safety.
Mar 2021
Keeping your windshield in good health
A car with a cracked windshield is an uncomfortable image, isn’t it? Besides the poor aesthetics, a damaged windshield is also a big safety hazard. Unfortunately, routine maintenance of car windshield is one of the most neglected aspects of car care. Regular cleaning along with proper service and maintenance can keep both your windshield and you in good health. A few simple steps like immediately repairing small chips or cracks and replacing windshield wipers regularly can go a long way in maintaining your car windshield. Professional windshield repair services can easily and quickly repair small chips in your windshield, preventing huge costs later on.
Feb 2021
Beware of Small Cracks in Your Windshield
Small cracks in your car’s windshield may not seem like a big deal. But when left unfixed, they can become the reason for a windshield replacement. Any honest auto glass repair shop will tell you that tiny windshield cracks can be reduced to a small pin size. If they can be repaired, you shouldn’t have to get a new windshield. If your vehicle’s glass has a number of small cracks, then replacing it may be the better, safer option. In any case, avoid letting blemishes on your car’s glass go untreated. Get accurate advice from GZone Auto Glass, Oakville’s go-to auto glass repair and replacement company.
Jan 2021
If Your Windshield Is Cracked, It Is Probably an Edge Crack
In most cases of damage to a car’s windshield, you would expect the damage to be centrally located. But the Insurance Journal reports that 70 to 80% of windshield cracks are edge cracks that have an impact point less than 2 inches away from the edge. Most of the time, this occurs due to a manufacturing defect in the glass. This kind of damage can be prevented by providing a 2-inch protective coating around the perimeter of the glass that covers the defective area. Ask your auto glass repair shop in Oakville to get it done. This might prevent damage to your windshield from minor impacts.
Jan 2021
Reading Between the Cracks
The type of crack formed on your windshield can actually tell you a lot about the impact, including what hit the glass and the impact velocity. Studies show that the number and the pattern of cracks radiating out of the point of impact on the glass can reveal the underlying material properties and the velocity of impact. Researchers have found, for example, that the number of cracks formed is equal to the square root of the impact velocity. These revelations may be very useful to forensic investigators. This might also help you identify what exactly broke your windshield in the parking. But thanks to windshield replacement shops in Oakville, you don’t have to fret over it.